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Bug #879218: some users prefer the old grid behaviour (dividing each time the keybinding are used) Wishlist Fix Committed 378 weeks

From: Gareth Bailey
Link: Fix-put-left-right


Bug #975029: bindings to activate ezoom not set Undecided Confirmed 384 weeks

From: Alan Bell
Link: ezoom-bindings.patch


Bug #959260: DSO linking issues Medium Triaged 387 weeks

From: micove
Link: 100_fix_pc_files.patch


Bug #904205: Desktop wall: Bindings for next/previous don't wrap to the next row Undecided Confirmed 387 weeks

From: klap-in
Link: fixMovementsforNextPrevBindings.diff


Bug #821998: Grid plugin: resize action description - "upper" vs. "top" Undecided New 419 weeks

From: Hernando Torque
Link: upper_to_top.patch

Patch to rename "Upper" to "Top"

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