Comment 43 for bug 755842

Alexis Wilke (alexis-m2osw) wrote :

I'm not too sure what you mean by "fixed" but for me this still doesn't work at all.

What I really need is a flag in the compiz settings to nicely ask the compiz system to NEVER move my windows. If I put it in the wrong place, that's very much my problem, not compiz problem.

If such a flag already exists, I'd really appreciate for someone to speak up about its location.

For sure, in 12.04 kept up to date server that I have it doesn't work as I would expect. The problem is not just the shadows on the edges, it's the whole window moving just because the focus goes to another window. That's just not useable in this way. If I just moved a window out of the way, why is my windowing system putting it right back where I did not want it?!