Comment 25 for bug 755842

Victor Zamanian (victorz) wrote :

I agree. This is one of many bugs that have been lingering with Unity for a long time that make Unity feel like beta software. It's also one of the reasons why I stopped using it and have started using GNOME Shell instead. And because I don't use the default Desktop Environment, i.e. Unity is just sitting there installed on the harddrive without me ever using it, I almost feel like I should just switch to Arch or something where I can pick GNOME Shell right off the bat. (I know I can probably uninstall Unity on Ubuntu too, but... you know. :P)

So, as you can see a few seemingly small bugs can cause a chain of reactions/decisions (as in my case) to where I'm actually considering switching distro altogether. I think that's sad, because I like Ubuntu, its community and resources. Just not Unity.