Comment 10 for bug 338408

2009/3/14 charliej

> Arnaud,

Hey Charlie,

> Thank you for looking at this, IMHO this update will benefit Ampache and
> Rythmbox users. If there is any other way I can help out feel free to
> contact me.

sure, become a Debian Maintainer (or a DD) and adopt coherence, please ;-)

more seriously, have you tested your patch?
I've noticed several things there:
- "DEB_INSTALL_ARGS += -XMochiKit" should be "DEB_DH_INSTALL_ARGS +=
but will not be helpfull since the install the files directly to
for the above to work, we should first go through debian/tmp using
- the added Build-dep doesn't add the coma to the previous entry,
- there was a typo in the added manpage (AVAILAB*L*E STORES)
- there is still a manpage missing for applet-coherence

I'm still working on this, but in very low prio background mode... but would
be interested in some feedback from you since I don't use coherence nor the
associated software...

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