Comment 11 for bug 1698270

Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

OK, I have now encountered a few reasons for totem stuttering...

1. Excessive/faulty tags parsing (only seen in Big Buck Bunny videos?). Upstream has fixed the root cause:
but we have also patched totem itself in Ubuntu to avoid the issue:

2. Excessive CPU usage of clutter-gtk particularly under Wayland -> bug 1698282

3. Insufficient buffering/parallelism in GStreamer. BBB tends to have a big stutter when the video bitrate spikes over 11Mbps. I'm not aware of any other reports of the problem though.

4. My experimental fixes for the high CPU usage of clutter-gtk in bug 1698282 reintroduces an old smoothness problem that only occurs under the default setting of CLUTTER_BACKEND=gdk (but not with CLUTTER_BACKEND=wayland or x11). I'll try to fix that somewhere between bug 1698282 and this one.