Comment 1 for bug 440281

Thanks for looking at this report!

Although I don't know for sure, I doubt that this really is a duplicate of Bug #268808. The reasons:
First, the author of the bug description is in a time-zone UTC-X, I'm in UTC+X. So the effect should be different, right?
Second, and more important, I'm really talking about an installer bug while the other bug is filed against ubiquity (I didn't use the Live-CD-installer) and about sysvinit. To make clear why the alternate-CD-installer is the problem I'd like to clarify it again.

Let's say it's 16:00 UTC, 18:00 CEST. The system clock is set to 18:00. I start the installer, give my correct location. I'm asked if my clock is set to UTC. I say "no", it's not. The installation took 15 minutes, the installer sets the system clock to 20:15 and reboots. I checked this by booting a Live-CD and typing date --utc before and immediately after the installation. Then ubuntu boots the first time, and tells me it's 20:20 although it's actually 18:20. So the clock was ok before installation and 2 hours ahead after installation.

What Stefan Hamminga described in the other bug report (comment #2) is exactly what happened to me as well and I think it belongs to this bug and not the other one.