Comment 0 for bug 1744072

Note: I know it is the template so far, but after the discussions at the sprint I want something we can start working on together.

Background: after evaluation it was considered easier to maintain to provide a good and secure ntp experience as well as some people asking me if it could be preferred.

--- MIR ---


Thoroughly go through UbuntuMainInclusionRequirements, check that the package meets all the points there. Write down issues that violate the requirements. If this package has nontrivial problems, it is not eligible for main inclusion, and needs to be fixed first.

File a bug report about the package, titled "[MIR] sourcepackagename". Include the rationale and description of the violations of UbuntuMainInclusionRequirements, and a confirmation that you checked the requirements carefully.

Subscribe ubuntu-mir to the bug report (do not assign it to anyone), so that it appears in the MIR bug list.

The MIR team reviews the reports, and sets acceptable ones to In Progress or Fix Committed. They might also delegate portions of the review to other teams, assign it to them, and set it to Incomplete; common cases are getting a thorough security review from the security team (please see SecurityTeam/Auditing for details on requesting an audit), or getting a sign-off from particular team leads about maintenance commitments.

Add the package to a seed, or as a (build-)dependency of a package in main. The package will not be moved to main automatically, but will show up in the component-mismatches list, or if the dependency is only in proposed, the component-mismatches-proposed list.

Archive administrators will review the component-mismatches output, and for each package waiting to move into main, look for a corresponding bug.

The submitter should then take responsibility for adding the package to the seeds as per SeedManagement or adding a dependency to it.

The archive administrators will promote approved packages to main if some other package or the seeds want it (see component-mismatches output).

--- Affected Packages ---

Maas - needs to change dependencies and maybe template
cloud-init - needs to support writing ntp config to chrony instead of ntpd
ceph-base - change recommends from ntpd to chrony (it only intends to get good time, so that should be ok)