[snap] chrome-gnome-shell extension fails to detect native host connector

Bug #1741074 reported by Olivier Tilloy on 2018-01-03
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chromium-browser (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Olivier Tilloy (osomon) wrote :
Olivier Tilloy (osomon) wrote :

stracing the snap reveals that /usr/bin/chrome-gnome-shell cannot be found in the context of the snap:

  15760 access("/usr/bin/chrome-gnome-shell", F_OK) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)

This is not an apparmor denial. Inside the snap’s execution environment, /usr/bin is in fact /snap/core/current/usr/bin.

Emanuele (emanuc) wrote :

Is there any news about this bug?
To this day I still can't use plasma-browser-integration

Olivier Tilloy (osomon) wrote :

I've toyed with an unpacked example extension that talks to a native host connector (a simple python script that listens to messages and echoes all it receives).

This works with the following caveats:

 - the connector has to be installed under $SNAP_USER_DATA/.config/chromium/NativeMessagingHosts/

 - the path to the connector in the manifest needs to be an absolute path (as documented at https://developers.chrome.com/extensions/nativeMessaging), e.g.:
    "path": "/home/osomon/snap/chromium/current/.config/chromium/NativeMessagingHosts/native-messaging-example-host"

Olivier Tilloy (osomon) wrote :

chrome-gnome-shell wouldn't work like that unmodified, because the connector has external dependencies (it's a python3 script that imports GLib and Gio).

Olivier Tilloy (osomon) wrote :

Also, the connector talks to the org.gnome.Shell.Extensions D-Bus API, for which there doesn't exist a snapd interface, so one would need to be written, and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't qualify for auto-connection given the level of privilege it would expose (listing installed extensions, install and uninstall extensions).

Russ Dill (russ-dill) wrote :

This is really frustrating and 19.10 is coming up fast which I understand will switch everyone over to snap based chromium making extensions.gnome.org unusable for everyone. Any chance of switching back to non-snap based chromium if this issue isn't resolved before then?

Olivier Tilloy (osomon) wrote :

Unlikely. There are a number of higher priority issues with the chromium snap that we're focusing on now, and the plan to transition from the deb to the snap in 19.10 still holds.

I know this isn't a proper fix, merely a workaround, but you can use gnome-tweaks to manage your gnome-shell extensions.

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