Comment 85 for bug 1424201

(In reply to Jean-Yves Avenard [:jya] from comment #11)
> We do not have a VDPAU compositor (nor a OpenGL-VAAPI), so we currently have
> no other options but copying the decoded image out of the GPU memory into a
> software surface (which is exactly what the vaapi gstreamer plugin does).
> Doing so almost always annihilate any benefits, as copying the image back
> from the GPU is typically slow (and even more so with nvidia devices)
> To make things worse, at this stage, firefox on linux doesn't have hardware
> accelerated compositor either (OpenGL isn't enabled by default).
> We won't be using FFmpeg's hwaccel layer to access vaapi or vdpau (it's only
> a helper)

Now that WebRender is shipped in Firefox, is there some way to effectively use VAAPI for video? VDPAU seems dead upstream, so not a good option.