Comment 40 for bug 1424201

Aparently there is low to none interest from devs about this issue, it's been almost 3 months without any response.

Meanwhile I tried Chromium, that can support VAAPI (well not oficially, but VAAPI support is there, it has to be patched to work not only in Chrome OS). Since Chromium devs aren't interested in supporting linux, it's not really straightforward to get it to work, but I've made it and HW acceleration is working (CPU usage drops in video playback). I tried it only to be sure it's working elsewhere (and that it could be done in Firefox too).

VAAPI also works well in normal video players like VLC (on Intel Broadwell IGPU), so I don't think buggy drivers is valid reason for not implementing that. There could be configuration option to turn HW accel off, if on some machine it's causing a problem.

It's a shame that Firefox devs don't care much about Linux too. Firefox is imo still most used browser in Linux and video playback with Firefox is really a pain.
It's really frustrating that even with new Intel Broadwell i7, playback of 1080p video causes high CPU usage (thus low life time on battery) and that the video is still not fluent, it still shutters/lags.

I don't know what else to say. I think it's one of most serious issues of Firefox in Linux now.
Are there any developers interested in this, are there any plans about fixing this issue sometime in near future?