Comment 17 for bug 1307717

Vincent (vdavy-mobile) wrote :


I confirm since upgrading from 13.10 to 14.04 chromium is fully buggy.
I got the rendrering problem mentionned above, systray icons (for running apps such as hangouts) disappeared, the menus were awful (parameters menu, search bar suggestions, bookmarks, right click in page etc...) : not using kde design but a flat white strange menu.

By downgrading to previous version from saucy, I got rid of these problems. So it is clearly they come from the new version.

For them who want to downgrade, here is a quick howto :
-open package manager, and search for installed packages maching *chromium* pattern (for me it was chromium-browser, chromium-browser-l10n and chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra)
-go to this page, search for them and download from saucy repository and select the proper version against your system (x64 or i686)
-close all chromium processes (this can be done using the "killall chromium-browser" command)
-put all the downloaded packages in the same directory on your hdd and run the following command in a terminal : sudo dpkg -i chromium*

This will downgrade chromium to previsous version, so we can wait for the fix.