Comment 20 for bug 981803

James M. Leddy (jm-leddy) wrote :

I've done a little research, and this is more complicated than I thought. First of all, all codecs are supposed to be shipping with their own presets:

> We define 3 quality level profiles, Quality Low,Quality Normal and Quality High. All codecs should define this.

Even so, it looks like transmageddon is the default home for all of these profiles. The PresetDesign page has a few presets that are "canonical" that mirror those in transmageddon That means in order to get the best use of your gstreamer codecs on Ubuntu, you have to install transmageddon, which is counterintuitive and obscure.

Secondly, speed=7 doesn't even look like a valid value

> The "speed" property
> "speed" gint : Read / Write
> Speed.
> Allowed values: [0,2]
> Default value: 0

But if you look at the documentation from google, the values allowed for --rt (realtime) are [0-15].

Based on what fourdollars said, 7 is probably an allowed value, just the gstreamer documentation is wrong.