Comment 6 for bug 953160

Jeff Lane (bladernr) wrote :

Ok... thanks for that Haggai...

Can you do one more thing. I know what the problem is now, but I'd like to run it on your system just to verify it... hehehe you get to be the test subject :)

(You'll may need to preface the following commands with sudo)

Run this command and insert your card
$ /usr/share/checkbox/scripts/removable_storage_watcher insert usb

Then run this command and remove your card:
$ /usr/share/checkbox/scripts/removable_storage_watcher remove usb

You SHOULD see output like this (note that MY example actually uses the proper sdio for Media Cards rather than USB):

bladernr@klaatu:~/development/checkbox/scripts$ ./removable_storage_watcher insert sdio
Expected device sdio inserted
Expected device sdio inserted
bladernr@klaatu:~/development/checkbox/scripts$ ./removable_storage_watcher remove sdio
Expected device sdio has been removed

What's happening here is that the test expects that SD/SDHC/MMC cards will appear as sdio devices, and in your case, they are appearing as USB instead.

When you confirm the above, could you also let us know the make/model and hopefully model number/SKU of your machine?