Comment 4 for bug 953160

On 03/12/2012 01:39 PM, Haggai Eran wrote:
> Sure, I got the following output (when an SD card was inserted):
>> /dev/sda
>> ata
>> /dev/sdb
>> usb

Just so I understand what you're saying, the following things happen in
exactly this sequence:

You run Checkbox (System Testing) with no SD card installed.
You get to the SD card test and it says:
   Click test and insert a card
You click Test then insert a SD card
A verification dialog opens that says basically
   "What do you want to do with this card?"
You select an option (cancel, open browser, etc)
The card is mounted
The test times out and fails

Is that correct?

I think, and this will need some verification, that perhaps that device
is not being mounted until after the "What do you want to do" dialog is
closed out.

So can you do the following for us:

Open a terminal window and run this command:

watch -n1 mount

Then, insert the SD card

pay very close attention to the terminal and see if, on your system, the
mount entry for your sd card appears before, during or after that "What
do you want to do" dialog.

It could be that having to answer that dialog is delaying the mount of
the card long enough that the test is failing.

It could be that we just need to increase the timeout to something a
little longer like 20 seconds to account for these occasional dialogs.

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