Comment 35 for bug 213215

Schily (schilling-fokus) wrote :

Your request creates the impression that the original cdrtools are not valid OSS.

I am sorrry to see that you are wrong.

I've received a very clear statement from Eben Moglen on that the GPL of course
permits to link GPLd software against any library of any license as this is the
requirement for being able to permit to publish binaries from GPLd programs (such
as gtar) for platforms that do not come with a GPLd or LGPLd libc.

As you should know, the statement you are requesting does not exist from the gtar
Copyright holders in order "to permit to ship gtar binaries for Solaris, AIX or HP-UX",
just because it is commonly agreed that such statement is not needed.

So please do not ask me to do things that you won't ask from other projects.