Comment 25 for bug 213215

Hi Schily,

I don't need any discussion, I just don't have enough time to maintain
cdrecord package, so, I simply need good cdrecord package + bugreporters
and deb package maintainers, which can help to fix major problems :)

On Sun, Sep 04, 2011 at 01:32:41PM -0000, Schily wrote:
> what kind of discussion do you believe is necessary?
> Cdrtools is legal OSS and thus there is no need for a contract to use
> it.
> As Debian did change seveal users of cdrtools with the intention to make
> it hard to replace cdrkit by the original software, you may need to
> remove these changes in order to get a usable overall system.
> BTW: I tried to see Clement in the IRC to no avail. It may be a good
> idea to have a dicsussion via mail.

Labanaktis/Good luck,
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