Comment 123 for bug 213215

I've not added anything, I just changed the %define from "a05" to "a06" at the top of the spec file.

To force cdrecord, readcd and mkisofs higher priority in Brasero in respect to
other plugins run the following as your user:

dconf write /apps/brasero/plugins/cdrecord/priority 1
dconf write /apps/brasero/plugins/mkisofs/priority 1
dconf write /apps/brasero/plugins/readcd/priority 1

I guess that at least in my case the reason for failed dvd writing is libburnia.

dvd+rw-tools by command line works fine as cdrecord with all the {DL-}DVDs I
throw to it and wodim/genisoimage are replaced by my packages so the culprit is probably there.

I'll check if I still get errors with Brasero.