Comment 107 for bug 213215

It is obvious that RedHat does not care about legality.

Cdrkit is of questionable legality - RedHat is informed but RedHat
does not care and ships cdrkit.

During the past 10 Years, GNU VCDimager was illegal and based on
a Copyright violation (this was recently confirmed by Suse lawyers).
The FSF and RedHat have both been informed - nobody cared about the
legality. With the help from Suse, we have been able to fix this
two months ago.

On the other side, the Sun legal department made a legal review
with the original cdrtools and confirmed that there is no problem.
Early this year, Orcale made a second legal review with a different
background with Oracle lawyers and confirmed that there is no problem.

RedHat legal is unfortunately just trolling and denying a fact based

Those who checked legality distribute the original software and do
not distribute cdrkit. Why does RedHat behave different?

If there really was any legal argument against cdrtools, it would be
easy to publish the argument and to have a fact based discussion with
various other lawyers. The fact that Redhat does not give any argument
against cdrtools confirms that RedHat legal has no legal argument
against cdrtools.

Ask RedHat for the real reasons for their decision, it cannot be
based on a legal fact.