Comment 106 for bug 213215

Jörg, I have been following this since the beginning. I still do not understand every single bit of the story but I can say that people have been doing strange and also stupid things. Even worse, people have tried to discredit you personally for whatever reasons.

In the end, the situation is bad for everyone, especially users, most of which don't even care about the license and just want their CD recording software to work. But companies like Red Hat have to care about licenses. Not being a lawyer, I cannot judge the legal aspect myself. Personally, I don't really have a problem with the CDDL, but I have to give credit to Red Hat who have been around for a long time and have made a lot of correct decisions (even if this particular one may not be the correct one...)

So, would another license change help? I can't tell. But I know the best thing for users would be to get cdrecord 3.x shipped by default in Fedora, Red Hat, etc. This should be the goal and I would advice all parties involved to get over the problems of the past. Red Hat legal should have another look and propose whatever license they think would meet their needs... I am sure that whatever license that would be, it would be fine for cdrecord to use (provided a license change is possible). Anyway, a first step would be to declare willingness to change license.