Comment 104 for bug 213215

Simone, thanks for the updated package. Maybe you can package these for rpmfusion? They take packages with a variety of licences, so if the issue for fedora is just the license then shouldn't this be fine?

Jörg, thanks for all the work on cdrtools. I'm genuinely curious in the following, not trying to troll. Now that Sun has been swallowed up by Oracle, which I think we can all agree really is anti-OSS in that they have effectively killed a number of open source projects since buying Sun, why not switch your code back to GPL? Wouldn't that at least be a good test of the veracity of Red Hat/Fedora/Debian claims that they truly believe the CDDL is an incompatible license?

I know this isn't a place for a long discussion, so I'm just going to bow out now.