Comment 8 for bug 1895329

sudodus (nio-wiklund) wrote :

Something has happened, that I discovered today: Lubuntu works.

I tested the current Groovy iso files of Ubuntu Desktop, Lubuntu and Xubuntu.

- with the USB drives in used state (with various data, typically leftovers after previous tests with live or persistent live systems)

- both in UEFI mode and BIOS mode

- Computer: Dell Precision M4800

- USB drive: Kingston DT Workspace, 32 GB

The results were the same with Ubuntu and Xubuntu: no file system was created in the third partition.

Results with Lubuntu:

- The current version was still dated Sept 20 (while the other two iso files was dated today, Sept 21).

- I repeated the order of cloning four times to get a different 'history', and could repeat success: an ext4 file system with the label 'writable' was created in the third partition.

There is a significant difference between Lubuntu and the other flavours of Ubuntu: Lubuntu uses the installer Calamares, and there is no boot option 'maybe-ubiquity'. I am not saying that it makes the difference concerning this bug. Probably there are other differences too.