Comment 43 for bug 1447038

Kev Bowring (flocculant) wrote :

mea culpa ...

systemd.debug-shell works - unsurprisingly =shell doesn't, that'll explain why it worked once and then not again ...

So - got to vt9 - can see plymouth.log

Not seemingly able to do much other than read it in the vt.

However by grepping the log at vt9 against the one I got from inside the booted system - the last line is exactly the same.

The log that shows once the livesession is booted can be seen at

Not having much luck with journalctl - got the one from the livesession as a paste, trying to grab the output from vt9 is problematic - would be simple if I could get networking there ... all I've managed is a bunch of screenshots of the extra journalctl output.