Comment 18 for bug 1447038

I was expecting confirmation of my thoughts about that job waiting to end; we got that from flocculant.

There isn't anything missing for this but careful debugging on the shutdown processes. Ideally it would have to be reproduced with the splash disabled, so we can see as much information as possible, possibly attaching a serial console to the VM so that debug messages from plymouth and/or systemd can be written there, hopefully something will pop up.

The gist of it hasn't changed, I still think this is failing because plymouth doesn't like some aspect of how the video driver works on VirtualBox and VMWare, so one thing to try would be to test with different video drivers -- in KVM parlance, for example, switching between vga and qxl could change the result, but I'm not familiar enough with VBox and haven't used VMWare in so long that I wouldn't know what drivers there are or how to change them :)