Comment 6 for bug 680628

The problem is how evince (libcairo) has re-rendered the PDF file. The resulting PDF file which was sent to CUPS (and attached to comment #3 of this bug report) takes ages to render, not only with Ghostscript but also with the Adobe Reader. If you have installed the Adobe Reader with its browser plug-in and click on the link in comment #3, your browser immediately opens the Adobe Reader and the body text of the first page appears. Then it builds up slowly the blue background rectangle for the headline and after some minutes this finishes and the white headline appears.

The error_log also shows in the second logged job that Ghostscript needed 20 minutes to render the whole file. So this file definitely hits a problem of Cairo and so the slowness of Ghostscript described in bug 668800 is not the only cause for this file taking too long to print.

Moving bug to libcairo and lifting duplicate state ...