Comment 27 for bug 680628

bruno (brunob) wrote :


I want to precise that I use Mint9 which is based on lucid. Yes I followed all the steps in post#24. However, for the third one (sudo apt-get build-dep poppler cairo), nothing was installed and I received a message (must add something in my sources.list...). So I added these dev repos:

deb-src lucid main restricted
deb-src lucid-security main restricted
deb-src lucid-updates main restricted

with this, the third step succeed but it installed (as I said) many other dependencies. Then I did the other steps but the dpkg-buildpackage commands gives the messages cited in post #25.

When I try this:
sudo apt-get install dh-autoreconf libxrender-dev libx11-dev libpixman-1-dev libxcb-shm0-dev
I get:
Lecture des listes de paquets... Fait
Construction de l'arbre des d├ępendances
Lecture des informations d'├ętat... Fait
E: Impossible de trouver le paquet dh-autoreconf