Comment 75 for bug 271283

To be sure: does this problem still exist with the recent LibreOffice, right? I'm asking because the original bug report is pretty old.

If yes, still I wonder whether putting rgba: rgb is correct. This is the key point of the bug, I guess, but meanwhile the sub-pixel rendering is OFF as default. So, doesn't it break the font rendering in LO as default?

IMHO, the right place to fix is either LO itself or gnome-settings-daemon. g-s-d can change Xrm on the fly. (Currently it's changing only some XSETTINGS_* atoms.)

Alternatively, we may write a helper program to parse fonts-cofig and change Xrm automatically. This can be called from xinit.

In anyway, as long as the rgba configuration can be changed later, setting this to a static value doesn't sound like a good solution to me.