Comment 34 for bug 1003656

gadLinux (gad-aguilardelgado) wrote :

I have the same problem with quantal (image installed by MAAS)

I've just created a bridge br0 in the interfaces file and now the system does not boot.
it seems br0 is not going up

if I do a brcrl addbr br0 everything works.

I have not the bonding one, but seems to be the same error.

The output of initctrl list shows:

upstart-udev-bridge is runing
upstart-socket-bridge is running

cloud-init is running...

it seems that cloud-init needs the interface up to continue but it never goes up...

Also, I've modified the /etc/network/if-pre.up.d/bridge to show what interfaces are up when the system stalls:

It shows that $IF_BRIDGE_PORTS goes empty, and is executed twice...

It should have the bridge port br0 in my case...