Comment 5 for bug 465485

I can confirm this bug:

Ways to reproduce it....

Select a FLAC or MP3 file to burn as Audio CD.
Select Split Track...

- If you split the track by number of parts, the FIRST part will be the last track. All other tracks counting from second will be ordered correctly.

- If you split the track by fixed time lenght, you get the same behaviour above, PLUS, the probability of getting STATIC NOISE TRASH AUDIO on all tracks (a problem on decoding side I believe).

- Generally it doesn't find any silence when you want to have it split a "cd image" with silences between tracks.

- And I observed that playing back the track in this dialog is broken...

This happening to me on : Ubuntu 11.04 + All updates applied up to 14/Aug/2011.
This is also happening in Fedora 15 with Gnome Shell, with all updates applied, as of 15/Aug/2011.