Comment 60 for bug 405544

Locke_99GS @ Ubuntuforums = Myself.

I was quite disappointed to have vested the time getting X running on the 2.6.33 kernel (nVidia 195.30 required patching to be compatible with 2.6.33-rc1; wish I'd have known that the first time) to have the exact same results. I never did try burning with an older kernel (older Kubuntu install) as I just started burning with the laptop instead, which interestingly burns just fine with the same 2.6.31 kernels from the repo's that fail with the desktop. Laptop also runs Karmic.

I will try with the kernel that people have reportedly had success with. Failing that, I'll try the 2.6.33 kernel again (rc2 this time) and 2.6.29. I'll report my findings in within the next few days.

I am glad to see that this bug has some attention.