Comment 1 for bug 1577268

Travis (travis-koch) wrote :

Could be related to the issue fixed with the patch associated with this pull request (included below)...

I've patched mine and the unpatched version shows the dvdcss plugin disabled (unchecked). With the patch the plugin is checked as enabled.

In any event, I'm able to copy a dvd in Ubuntu 16.04 after applying the patch which, btw, just removes a check for a symbol which is no longer exported from the new version of

diff --git a/plugins/dvdcss/burn-dvdcss.c b/plugins/dvdcss/burn-dvdcss.c
index 133b8d5..f6895b8 100644
--- a/plugins/dvdcss/burn-dvdcss.c
+++ b/plugins/dvdcss/burn-dvdcss.c
@@ -95,9 +95,6 @@ brasero_dvdcss_library_init (BraseroPlugin *plugin)
        if (!module)
                goto error_doesnt_exist;

- if (!g_module_symbol (module, "dvdcss_interface_2", &address))
- goto error_version;
        if (!g_module_symbol (module, "dvdcss_open", &address))
                goto error_version;
        dvdcss_open = address;