Comment 86 for bug 762964

tkoun (tkoun) wrote :


here is my workaround that consistently works not only at boot or reboot but also after suspend/hibernate...

--> just install using synaptic the bluez package from blueman ppa (ppa:blueman/ppa); it only exists for maverick but it installs ok in natty.

before I tried
1) kernel upgrade from natty proposed
2) /etc/init.d/ bluetooth restart in /etc/rc.local

1) did not work and 2) does not work after suspend/resume

hope this will help someone trapped in natty and lazy as myself to downgrade to the good old maverick...

PS: after having to deal with this and the infamous 1-pixel tray icons bug ( I wonder how it is possible that natty ever came out of the beta (not to say alpha) status