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This bug was fixed in the package bluez - 5.68-0ubuntu1

bluez (5.68-0ubuntu1) mantic; urgency=medium

  * Move FIRMWARE_DIR change out of raspi-bcm43xx-load-firmware.patch and
    into its own patch: use-lib-firmware.patch
  * New upstream release 5.68 (LP: #2025599):
    - Fix issue with A2DP and handling of Transport.Acquire.
  * Includes short-lived upstream release 5.67:
    - Fix issue with BAP and initiating QoS and Enable procedures.
    - Fix issue with BAP and detaching streams when PAC is removed.
    - Fix issue with BAP and reading all instances of PAC.
    - Fix issue with BAP and not being able to reconfigure.
    - Fix issue with BAP and transport configuration changes.
    - Fix issue with BAP and handling unexpected disconnect.
    - Fix issue with GATT and not removing pending services.
    - Fix issue with GATT and client ready handling.
    - Fix issue with handling fallback to transient hostname.
    - Add support for SecureConnections configuration option.
    - Add support for Mesh Remove Provisioning.
    - Add support for Mesh Private Beacons.
  * Dropped patches:
    - obex-Use-GLib-helper-function-to-manipulate-paths.patch rather
      than resolving the conflicts it has with upstream now. It was proposed
      in 2013 and raised again in 2017 where it was rejected by upstream.
  * Refreshed patches:
    - 0002-hostname-handle-chassis-type-handset.patch

 -- Daniel van Vugt <email address hidden> Thu, 06 Jul 2023 12:09:23 +0200