Comment 165 for bug 1283003

I've the same or similar issue with 16.04,

When i turn on my Headset and connect via Bluetooth, it starts with different Profiles depending on the previous status:

If I've previously used A2DP it will starts with off
If I've used HSP or switched back to it before turning the headset off, it starts with HSP


If It starts with Off, i can't select A2DP it always jumps back, but if I select HSP manually, turn the Headset off and on again it will now start with Profile HSP and I'm now able to select A2DP, if I switch back to the HSP Profile, before turning my Headset off / disconnecting it, it will also work the next start, if I stay on the A2DP Profile before turning off / disconnecting, I've to redo the Workaround steps from beginning.

It looks like the driver (or whatever) can't handle to start with A2DP Profile. It was really painfull until I've read about the workaround in another forum, it is still annoying but at least i don't need to restart any services or make a reboot