Comment 28 for bug 285007

newore (rawdirt) wrote :

bluez 4.30 appears to improve the recognition of my microsoft bluetooth 5000 mouse. on startup the mouse is available before the login prompt.

on hibernate, however, there are still problems. during the first return from hibernate, I saw the mouse work, briefly, but the cursor would
not move. upon a second hibernate cycle the mouse did not move the cursor before or after. upon a full reboot, the mouse worked, again before the login prompt.

I had been using the blueman applet, so I checked against bluez-gnome, by installing bluez-gnome with synaptic. the problem with bluetooth mouse recognition after resuming from hibernation persists, while using bluez-gnome. the bluetooth preferences page of bluez-gnome shows the mouse. the mouse shows in the list of devices as connected. if I power the mouse down, the connected icon is removed; if I power the mouse the connected icon appears.

the mouse does not move the cursor.

this behavior is cleared by a full reboot.