Comment 15 for bug 285007

Jeff Sereno (jsereno) wrote :

My Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook 5000 mouse also exhibited the same reconnect issues until I added "sudo hciconfig hci0 pscan" to my /etc/rc.local file (before the "exit 0" line) - now the mouse reconnects quite happily whenever I switch it on and off, but doesn't always work from suspend and never works from reboot, however generally all I have to do is switch off the mouse and turn it back on, and it reconnects without needing to delete and redo the pairing.

In the case of those times where it doesn't work from suspend, I notice that the Bluetooth adapter has switched out of PSCAN mode. If I re-issue the "sudo hciconfig hci0 pscan" command and wait a couple of seconds, the mouse will suddenly start working again.