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Bug #1871336: blueman-tray crashed with FileNotFoundError in check_single_instance():[Errno 2] Undecided Confirmed 7 weeks

From: Shuai Yue
Link: 0001-avoid-Ubuntu-s-apport-error-capture.patch

This patch is used to avoid Ubuntu's apport error capture

Bug #1763221: blueman-applet enables bluethooth when it starts Undecided Confirmed 111 weeks

From: pqwoerituytrueiwoq


Bug #884651: Blueman: tethering using PAN doesn't work Undecided Confirmed 414 weeks

From: Jani Uusitalo
Link: blueman-1.23.patch

initialize self.nma and self.nm as they are on watch_name_owner events

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