Comment 27 for bug 1415880

PierreF (pierre-fersing) wrote :

I have null pointer exception on a XPS 13 (9343) which trigger a kernel panic when I suspend the laptop. I can reproduce the issue nearly all times (3 / 4 tries), for this I need to generate network traffic (looking a video on Internet seem to be enough).

After applying the patch mentioned above, I not longer have such kernel panic (done 6 tries without any kernel panic). So that patch seems to solve my kernel panic issue when suspending laptop.

I will attach the debdiff I used to apply the patch.

Without the patch (with bcmwl-kernel-source, I could product a kernel panic by doing:

* Have network "load" (watching video on internet, downloading something, ...)
* Suspend the laptop. On my test I did it with "systemctl suspend" from tty1 to capture the Call trace.

System information:

* Hardware : Dell XPS 13 (9343)
* Ubuntu 15.04 amd64
* Bios A03 03/25/2015
* bcmwl-kernel-source (so wifi is using module wl)
* lspci : 02:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4352 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter (rev 03)

I will also attach picture of the screen after a crash + partial transcript the of kernel panic (see picture for the full information).