Comment 12 for bug 1031831

Bernardo Reino (reinob) wrote :


I am using 64-bit, and actually am using kernel 3.10 with precise.

Now in the very same page you posted if you look at linux-generic you see it points to linux-image-generic which points to linux-image-3.2.0-51-generic.

I cannot say 100% but an average LTS user (doing only security updates and not testing mainline kernels, etc.) still has kernel 3.2.

Meaning that closing a bug in LTS because somebody (notorious for merging unrelated bugs) states, incorrectly, that "since 3.8 is in Precise now" concluding that "this is _probably_ irrelevant" is a seriously bad move.

But others have already argued that "this is open source" so it's cool if random people make a mess of a distribution.