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Bug #1097467: bash does not fulfill --rcfile option properly Low Confirmed 57 weeks
Bug #1960366: skel.bashrc PS1 debian_chroot not dynamic in xterm title Undecided New 85 weeks
Bug #1953151: Doubled control operators before `alert` will have their second characted appear in the body of the message Low New 95 weeks
Bug #1813090: bash completions in /usr/share/bash-completion generate unbound variable errors Undecided New 205 weeks
Bug #1835077: [FEATURE] Add support for ~/.bashrc.d/* Wishlist Confirmed 221 weeks
Bug #1644048: builtins/help.def: Passes ngettext() result to printf() as format string High Confirmed 357 weeks
Bug #534179: Feature Request: Include bash syslog package Undecided Confirmed 399 weeks
Bug #1488939: kill -L behaviour (is it a doc or code error?) Low Triaged 417 weeks
Bug #103929: Bash prompt string looks for xterm-color, gnome terminal identifies as xterm Wishlist Confirmed 591 weeks
Bug #589496: bash --rcfile does not behave as documented Undecided Confirmed 608 weeks
Bug #684393: $PATH discrepency when ~/bin exists Low Incomplete 669 weeks
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