Comment 19 for bug 778627

Interestingly I can reproduce this issue only on some machines, but not on all of them despite they all have bash 4.2.

I could reproduce it on Natty and Precise, on Debian Wheezy, and on one, but not on all of my Debian Sid boxes (4.2-5).

Disabling the sourcing of /etc/bash_completion (either manually enabled in /etc/bash.bashrc or ~/.bashrc) made the problem vanish on Debian and on Natty, but not on Precise. Even purging bash-completion did not help on Precise.

And that's not all: While on precise using "bash --rcfile /dev/null" still did not fix the issue, it brought the issue back on Natty. And on Debian Sid it still worked as expected, i.e. did not add any backslash.