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Mike Carifio (carifio) wrote : Re: [Bug 1472288] Re: missing attributes in /etc/os-release

On 4/6/21 5:33 PM, Alexander Scheel wrote:
> This is a debdiff for Hirsute, applicable against 11ubuntu18 to add
> CPE_NAME. I ended up quoting it to follow what Fedora does but from what
> I (and ShellCheck) can tell from testing the resulting .deb with bash
> and sh, it doesn't strictly need to be quoted.
> Per discussion with Steve Beattie (~sbeattie), we'd be interested in
> pursuing a Feature Exception request for this prior to doing backports
> for older releases. Does that sound OK?
> ** Patch added: "2-11ubuntu19.debdiff"
Not sure what a "feature exception" is. But whatever you deem best
(since you did the work). Ty.