Comment 171 for bug 1532226

Ubfan (ubfan1) wrote :

Never had this problem on my fully patched Ubuntu 16.04 until just recently, when I noticed that the Firefox menus do not display after restoring from a suspend. gnome-terminal and gedit are OK. Iconizing Firefox, then restoring, restores the menus to working condition. Same sorts of errors in ~/.cache/upstart/unity-panel-service.log as seen earlier.

cat ~/.cache/upstart/unity-panel-service.log

(unity-panel-service:2121): Indicator-Appmenu-WARNING **: Already have a menu for window ID 65011728 with path /com/canonical/menu/3E00010 from :1.81, unregistering that one
(unity-panel-service:2121): Indicator-Appmenu-CRITICAL **: menus_destroyed: assertion 'IS_WINDOW_MENU(wm)' failed
(unity-panel-service:2121): Indicator-Appmenu-CRITICAL **: menus_destroyed: assertion 'IS_WINDOW_MENU(wm)' failed
(unity-panel-service:2121): LIBDBUSMENU-GLIB-WARNING **: Unable to get menu proxy: Operation was cancelled
(unity-panel-service:2121): Indicator-Appmenu-CRITICAL **: window_menu_model_new: assertion 'BAMF_IS_APPLICATION(app)' failed
(unity-panel-service:2121): Indicator-Appmenu-CRITICAL **: track_menus: assertion 'IS_WINDOW_MENU(menus)' failed

The window 3E00010 is the Firefox window. No unity process has died or been restarted. The bamfdaemon has been running since boot.

What recently changed was adding a script to kill compiz returning from a suspend, so the Nvidia driver 375.39 screen artifacts get removed.