Comment 3 for bug 218922

Petr DlouhĂ˝ [2008-04-18 10:09 -0000]:
> I am not lawyer, but I know that from situation when Kororaa came
> with binary nvidia module on its LiveCD. There was big discussion
> about this, but result was, as I remeber, that the nvidia module is
> not distributed anymore on its LiveCD.

That's actually not the problem. We just stopped doing this because
they take a lot of RAM (since we have to build them on the fly).

> The legal way, I see, is to make package (or something), with all
> problematic binary drivers and firmwares.

We already have that: linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24, and it's
distributed by default. Really, as soon as we get permission to
redistribute that firmware, we'll stick it into that package, and we
are done with it. </dream>

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