Comment 9 for bug 94940

I thinkt the problem is, is that Ubuntu lacks a 'network' strategy completely.
There is no network-team or something of that kind.

What they need to focus on:
  - fairness scheduling (i.e. torrents should wait for firefox' http-requests)
  - zeroconf (i.e. automatic file-sharing with other locally connected computers, including windoz boxes)
  - speed (they should be checking this stuff and making it as concurrent as possible: i.e. timeouts should only affect non-working connections)

But without a team and some expert on this stuff, we're going to keep geting stuff like this.
Likewise, there was a bug about x-server connecting slowly on the localhost.
There has been a bug about fairness scheduling, like forever.
When selecting a folder to share with samba, it is not shared.
We are still forced to manually edit the samba.conf. The graphical 'shared folder' thingie does not set it up correctly.

All these things together seem to be a case of lack of focus. The issues are fragmented.
Are there any ubuntu community members that want to put this on the table (perhaps in a specification): the need for a network-team ?