Comment 50 for bug 94940

Jan Claeys (janc) wrote :

As said before, the problem occurs when you use mDNS combined with a broken DNS server. If your DNS server is not broken, you will not have any delays. (Unfortunately the DNS relays on several cheap home routers are broken...)

Some ways to solve this:
* try to detect broken DNS servers & configure Ubuntu to not use them
  * use a local DNS server on the system instead? (contra: significantly increases the load on the root servers?)
  * configure Ubuntu to use a proper DNS server (either one run by Canonical or one provided by a 3rd party like Google?)
  * disable mDNS when broken routers (or other broken DNS servers) are detected (breaks other things though)
* current approach with patched glibc (which breaks several applications, so far from optimal)
* ... ?

One problem with detecting broken DNS servers is that that might change depending on where you connect your laptop of course, so it would have to be dynamic...