Comment 9 for bug 378675

2009/9/11 Susan Cragin <email address hidden>:
> Well, my short-term solution has been to downgrade to Jaunty's alsa-
> utils, run asoundconf, and then let alsa-utils be upgraded again. But I
> think it's been messing with my system. On a clean install it works, but
> then on the second or third time I use it, I start getting timeout
> errors. Basically, on my program, that means that the sound card is
> being recognized, but not properly.

I wouldn't suggest that as a work-around. What you could do is copy
the script from /usr/bin/asoundconf into /usr/local/bin/asoundconf,
and keep the asoundconf-gtk package installed until I get around to
patching this up. Then, you can upgrade the alsa-utils package as it
should be. Beware, though, that using asoundconf after it has been
removed is an unsupported configuration, and so things like pulseaudio
may be picky. However, I'm not aware of how the current pulse
configuration works, so that warning is just due to my own caution.

Toby Smithe ::