Comment 2 for bug 320915

libsdl1.2 is the source package that generates libsdl1.2debian-arts. With the removal of arts from the archive libsdl1.2debian-arts is no longer required. The debdiff to follow modifies the source package to build without arts support. Changes noted below:

libsdl1.2 (1.2.13-4ubuntu2) jaunty; urgency=low

  * Rebuild without aRts support. (LP: #320915)
  * Multiple changes in debian/control
    - dropped build-depends on libarts1-dev, libartsc0-dev. These
      packages will disappear as part of the arts removal.
    - Removed Package: libsdl1.2debian-arts section entirely
    - dropped depends on libsdl1.2debian-arts (= ${binary:Version}) for
    - dropped depends on libartsc0-dev for libsdl1.2-dev
  * Multiple changes in debian/rules
    - set --enable-arts-shared=no and --enable-arts=no in confflags
    - removed --disable-audio-arts from udeb_confflags
    - dropped arts from FLAVOURS=

 -- Richard Birnie <email address hidden> Sun, 25 Jan 2009 13:41:45 +0000