Comment 2 for bug 441686

Sebastian Heinlein (glatzor) wrote :

1. The Python aptdaemon client which is used by software-store and update-manager monitors the daemon. In the case of a crashed aptdaemon the client progress doesn't hang forever waiting for new signals from the daemon, but instead raises this error.

Actually we don't know very much about a possible error cause - only that the daemon unexpectedly disappeared from the D-Bus - this is the communication bus which is used to transfer information between the root running aptdaemon and the client on the user's desktop session.

2.In most cases we should know the purpose of the transaction - there is only a very rare cornor case in which we don't know anything about the transaction.But how should we make use of this and not make the life of translators harder?

3. The error is produced by the client, see 1

4. This is a serious error - or design oversight, see comment on #438797. Automatically requeuing the transaction could in most cases only reproduce the error.