Comment 10 for bug 441686

Sebastian Heinlein (glatzor) wrote :

1. If aptdaemon dies because of SEGV we want to know it. So it is ok to get the apport report for aptdaemon.

2. It is not ok that s-c crashses too. It should show the "task cannot be monitoried ..." error dialog. I will have a look at it. SIGKILL could also do the job to kill aptdaemon.

3. You only get the "task cannot be monitoried ..." message if we don't have a clue: Aptdaemon just vanished (on the Dbus). Normally you should get the aptdaemon apport report. But the apport dialog only talks about a system service and not about e.g. a failed application installation. AFAIK it is possible to modify the apport message: e.g. "Update installtion failed". But you cannot rely only on the apport notification to notify the user that he or her action failed.