Comment 14 for bug 438870

You don't want a fix but a new feature. apt is completely transaction unaware - so this must be implemented in a level above apt (aptdaemon).

But is it really worth the effort? How much time would we really safe? It only makes sense to start the next download during the installation phase of the currently running transaction. Downloading packages from more than one transaction at the same time doesn't make any sense, since both would be slowed down. How long does it take to actually install a package after it has been downloaded? 5 or 10 seconds?

We don't need to care about inter-dependencies between transactions. We just try to download what we can get/guess. If we missed a new dependency since a previous transaction was cancelled, we will just download the missing packages during the normal processing of the transaction.

Mvo, purchases use chained transactions? We would skip downloads of chained transactions.

Mpt, how to handle progress information? This could result in a backwards running progress if we identify more packages to download.